Saturday, February 25, 2006

yay; esther made a post

Notwithstanding Ujwala's gripe about not remembering ANNYTHING , she is patient, sweet and caring and persevering. 5 years ago she laboured thhrough teaching me me how to use WinMX and today she taught me how to post this blog. Smooch, Ujwala.

Life moves along and its been 25 years since my first hesitant steps into LMC- Red suitcase and all.
Today I look at my kids school badges...100% A grade virgin perspex and I compare them to the lovely metal ones we had... things of substance, built to last. Like us. I look at the brown paper used to cover their books. For some reason they've "improved" the perfectly good brown paper we used to have and added a thin coating of clingwrap to it. Blooming useless, I say, because the covers still look cruddy after a term. Then there's the shift to gel pens ( plastic disposable refills ). I kind of miss the inky fingers and the blue- stained uniforms.

Thanks Pia for giving us something to read. For all of you that still get the time... do try "The legend of Seabiscuit" by Lauren Hillenbrand ( i think ). Don't roll your eyes like I did. Believe me, I'm the first one with no patience to complete a book if it doesn't grip me in the first 20 pages. This book is inspiring and makes wonderful reading. DON'T watch the movie. Read the book

Love and hugs