Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hello - My first time doing something innovative online!

Hey everyone!!

So im finally on this thing and tryin' to do it! It's going to take me a while to get completely familiar with it and for me to use it more frequently but everything's going well and good so far. =) So give me some time to figure this out and I shall come up with some smart and well written posts!

But for now since I'm not completely sure about what i have to write in this....here is what I look like of late(I'm posting a picture of myself..hope it shows up!) and my two kids Amrusha who is 15yrs and Angraaj 12yrs(fondly called Amu & Angu). Amrusha's writing her class 10 ICSE board exams and Angraaj just finished with class 6.

As for me, I'm not working or anything but I'm dying to get in touch with you all and want to know what's going on in everyone's life!! Do visit my blog which my daughter just created for me. It isn't complete but maybe you could leave me some comments and let me know how I can make improvements. The link is www.transcendence-roopa.blogspot.com

Catch you later!
Much love-


Ujwala said...

fantastic roopa... but dont stop now... and i love the fact that you've even managed a photograph - is any of it your effort or is it all amrusha? whichever way I'm happy that you're on board too.

arti manaktala said...

Roopa...so happy to read your post?? how are doing? do you still visit family in new york..u must come and see me in Toronto!! how are all your sister and your brother that was bullied endlessly by you...
take care -arti