Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Big Hello to ALL :)

This really is a great idea –thank you again Ujwala and thanks to everyone else for making posts. It has really been a fun trip down memory lane, and am looking forward to connecting with even more folks.
Been great catching up with Ujwala. Am posting a sort of summery of my mails to her about where I have been and what I have been doing over the past several years on the yahoo groups. Am now in Cary, North Carolina. Am married and have two girls, Maya and Ayesha.

Again, each one of you, it is wonderful reconnecting. Little in life comes close to the beauty of the innocent joys and tears we shared and the adolescent discoveries we made together, during those wonderful years in school…okay ...okay I sound maudlin and sentimental … but that is where this blog takes me.


DIPALI said...

Hey Geetanjali

Great to see your post and to ctach up on your news..... didnt realise you were in BLR in 2000.... I have been here since 1998. Any way the next time, do call ... and my regards to your family
Warm wishes Dipali

Ujwala said...

great to see your post! now how about some photos in yahoo groups? sorry, a bit too demanding right? :D

Anonymous said...

hi geetanjali
just saw ur r things.....last heard ur parents were movin to d dun....i am in delhi so if u go home via delhi let me kno...rgds abha

Geetanjali said...

Hi: Abha:
Good to hear from you. I do pass through Delhi...although rather ... briefly whenever we visit India. My brother and Famiy have just moved to Gurgaon, so next time it will probably be a longer stay. Would love to see you. Say hello to your parents, Are they still in Cal.