Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Dearest friends,

Firstly a very big thank-you to Dipali for tenaciously making every effort to track me down in the perma-frost region of Canada!!! (Yes,we have all scattered into the four corners of the globe!)
Also to Ujjwala for creating this wonderful site where we can all connect after almost two decades.

A very big hello to all of you and look forward to sharing in all your happenings over the last twenty years...looks like we have all carved our niches in different areas and seems like most are focussing on families,careers and loved ones.

My story is one of many ups and downs over the last twenty years as I am sure is the case in most peoples lives...though I must admit there have been more "ups" than "downs" and pray may it be the same for all the wonderful gals of the class of '83

I moved to Toronto in the summer of '88 with an alcoholic and abusive husband and fortunately was able to reconize the signs of a disastrous future ahead and subsequently took a bold step that I never looked back on and with a few pennies to my name and a few worldly belongings I decided to abort the relationship...basically nipped it in the bud and embarked on a new journey all by myself.
Fortunately I had a good job that allowed me to sustain myself and with the support,love and care of a wonderful family and a few new found friends in Toronto I managed to sail rather than sink!! (was determined to do so)

Through many twists and turns on this journey I must admit I have been blessed with the oppurtunity of meeting wonderful people,forming great friendships and relationships and traversing the globe has definitely broadened my horizon on life and made me a much better person overall.
Living in Toronto I have been able to interact with people of all walks of life and being such a multicultural melting pot its been a great experience assimilating with people from all over the world...what a wonderful history and geopraphy lesson in its self....more than what Ms.Dutta or Ms.Choudhury could ever have taught me!!!!

i am currently residing in Toronto,work for a communications company called Bell Canada and work in sales for high revenue business markets.I keep a busy routine with work and play and enjoy the change of seasons but I am not so sure "tropical birds" like us are a good fit for the long and arduous winter months!!! I really enjoy playing squash,doing yoga and working out and love to cook and entertain ( so if any of you decide to visit - I promise you wont go hungry)
I also spend a lot of time with a wonderful man whose has been friend, companion and the love of my life!!!

Now,if only I knew how to post a picture of myself.I think I look pretty much the same,maybe a wee bit older
Stay tuned...maybe next time I will post a mug shot

How is everyone else doing?? Roopa,I think of you often and Gopi and I talk regularly and often remember good times at school socials and Tolly!!!
Deepa,I saw your site and you are doing great guns!!! Keep it up,that is fantastic.Your kids are gorgeous-bless them always!
Meera,I hear you are also in Toronto - we must connect.
Rohini.I still remember all the wonderul idli-dosa lunches at your home after school.
Vinita,we spent a lot of good times together and so did our folks ....remember??

This is so nice gals...nice to reconnect after aeons.Stay in touch and hopefully we can all meet up one day and truly have a great big reunion.

love and hugs to all and look forward to hearing from you all


arti manaktala


Ujwala said...

yippee!! tks for the nice long post. i hope the others decide to write too. i'm just going to get on their cases in a minute:P and help them along.

good to hear that you are doing well. i'm hoping to start yoga too but it's been a while - still in the thinking, dreaming stage. have to move on - onto the doing stage :D

really happy will all the activity. it's coming in at a good time - while i'm sitting, actually hiding, in a hotel in Dhaka.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I remember the fun times. I have an old photo with all of us at my place- birthday I think. I am glad you have your life back. You are one of the most gutsy people I know and glad you have not changed. Rohini

arti manaktala said...

thanks Rohini...so nice to hear from you too.hope all is well in your world.do stay in touch.love always,arti

arti manaktala said...

Ujjwala..u must start yoga or even pilates...you will love it.hope you start soon.
talk to you..arti

Ujwala said...

pilates is the more vigorous one right? no way! i'm too lazy. slow and easy pranayams seem to be more like my scene :P

arti manaktala said...

just give it a try and see you will realy enjoy it...but do start with some pranayams...that is a good way to begin..

Rohini said...

Ujwala- Pilate is not vigorous- not like aerobic exercise. It was invented by Joseph Pilates at the turn of the 20th century to condition dancers. It involves a lot of stretching and core (abdominal muscles) strenghthening and you can do it in the privacy of your home. Tata, Rohini

Ujwala said...

you know, i sort of dont believe either of you :P it certainly sounds more vigorous than yoga and now i have this dvd of the aastha channel yoga which says i'll lose weight doing just breathing exercises. can you imagine me doing anything more when i believe that?!? :D

arti manaktala said...

ohohoho...Rohini is right...its more toning and conditioning and once you start you will enjoy it so much you wont stop...give it a shot..come on be a good sport(no pun intended)..after all we are the class of '83!!!

DIPALI said...

lissen...just do some ellbow bending...stretch for a hiccup ....good ole bacardi...thats enuff of an exercise


Rohini said...

I will mail you a pilates video if I can. Or better yet see if we can post a clip here on the blog.
Arti, do you know how to do that? (I don't- wishful thinking).

Ujwala said...

good to have you back. i think a clip sounds wonderful. if you have an editing program on your desktop and can just extract a small bit to upload you could check out http://www.youtube.com/ if you want to be adventurous and want to do some editing you could try out http://www.jumpcut.com/ . like all things nowadays on the net their currently both free. there are lots of others but these are the two that i've tried and also see postive reviews for. hope that helps and looking forward to seeing a clip :P

Anonymous said...

I found out that the DVD is copyrighted so can't video stream it. Ooops!