Friday, April 14, 2006

Endangered !! Salman Khan

Hi ! A few of you may know that one of my "esteemed "classmates in college ( St.Xaviers, Bombay) was Salman Khan.... here is a poem written in a few my husband ( Rajeev )... since I had a good laugh over it.. thought I would share this with you all.


Rajeev Kumar
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 8:21 PM
Subject: A rhyme for salman :)

Here's the hero, pumped on steroids
walks like he has got hemorrhoids
liked to sow his oats all over
Somi, Aish, Katrina but not Gulshan Grover

He had many a success in Bollywood's lane
his movies were hits, though his acting inane
the ladies loved the bod, the dudes were jealous
our man had a temper and was often quite zealous

Thought he was macho when he held his gun
decided to slay helpless fauna for fun
too bad his limited brain cells failed
they were endangered, so Sallu got jailed

Though our muscled friend did try his luck
to worm out of the case where he killed black buck
he had more grief when his big landrover
flew off the road, ran a poor soul over

Too bad that life seldom imitates art
PETA just branded him a stupid upstart
a killer of chinkara and innocent black buck
he should have just gone and eaten bombay duck

Though the cases meandered the judge was harsh
and Sallu couldnt hide in a field or a marsh
in front of family including pumped up Sohail
the cops slapped on the cuffs and took him to jail

In jail he could play carrom but didnt get mangola
nor a contract to act in an ad for Thums Up cola
The three days that he spent in Jodhpur cells
taught him that life is not about lifting dumb belles

The PETA folks rejoiced and danced and sang a little song
they rejoiced cos Sallu was wrong, he shouldn't wear a thong
anyone that ventures out to hunt innocent fauna
will be roasted on a spit or locked up in a sauna

They granted bail, he left jail, atleast for now
maybe he'll go vegan and not eat a sacred cow
PETA folks were not too pleased cos Sallu's on the loose
They will only be at ease when he's dangling on a noose

Sallu had a bright career but he let his ding dong
rule his limited brain cells and goad him to do wrong wrong
Hope Katrina takes an iron and clocks him in the noggin
he might give up hunting and just take up morning joggin'

Though the man has been a jerk he does have a heart kind
he's going to help out inmates, give them some peace of mind
upgrades to living conditions in sickly government jails
good food and time pass for inmates and maybe access to emails

This my friends is the tale so far, the plot might still just thicken
If he's cool, he'll clean his act and maybe hunt a chicken
Lets hope for the sake of his kith and kin
he sticks to showing skin and avoids all sin


Rohini said...

Very good.. and hilarious!
Way to go!

Ujwala said...

my immediate reaction to the news was - run over a few people and never mind but do that to an endangered species and go to jail!

Anonymous said...

The composer shows traces of latent talent which has been sparked by Sallu. Secondly this couldn't have been done in a jiffy. Sallu has definitely touched the composer somewhere vital, in his fragile egg shelled mind to enable him to come up with such great stuff!
Sure this guy will go places as a poet, my best wishes are with him.