Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mrs. Nainan's class- XII

Here is another class picture from a rather under represented section of the batch of '83. Common girls, where are you.
Have more pictures on the yahoo site, so do check.


Ujwala said...

i think i know how to get Nita's email id. will give it a shot. so far i think there are 6 or you - sharmi, mousumi, sharmila, samiya, rohini, and you right?

somebody was telling me about being in touch with archana nevatia. i think it was diti, who is also in Kol with and NGO. i have her cell no. now only if i could find the piece of paper on which i'd written them all down!

i have just 5 or 6 no.s now because i cant find those 6 sheets :(

soma jot majumdar said...

hi Geetanjali. this is soma (jot)majumdar. i was in Mrs Nainan's batch of 83. check me out at