Thursday, April 13, 2006

now in techni colour... class X , I believe

Look at Piya and Abha and Mun Mun and dimple saldhana,nisha, trina,rahat , roopa, vini, julie,ratna , dolly,kavita nahata,oni, madhumita,nilina, archana, indira,sukanya, sangeeta,ruby,anupa,raakhee, with Mrs Kar. I have only forgotten 2 peoples name in this ...some one please help..... one I know starts with S ( she is snuggled b.w mdhumita and oni) and the other pleasantly plump one ( i know she was in the hostel ) behind julie, close to abha.

HELP close the loop.... first one to answer correctly gets an all paid for vacation to Bangalore :)


DIPALI said...

GOT IT!!! Suman.... And the other starts with R ...please help !! Its eating me up !!


Ujwala said...

cant keep up with you :D i'm working on a new template for our site check it out at

abha said...

one is suman morarka and the other was aditi now sur name i too have forgotten, remember rachna lakmani she is in allahabad will try to locate her email,ciao abha.

Ujwala said...

abha, dipu has been in touch with Rachna thru her brother Rajesh. His email id is on the current mailing list in case you want to get in touch.