Monday, April 3, 2006

We can't be outdone by the class of 1982

dipu's find.jpg

Admit it.... once you log on to this site ( you will discover a) that they have been able to link up to more people than we have b ) that there are many names on this list that are undoubtedly familiar and bring back many a sigh.... I admit... the first guy I ever danced with ( Founders Day Social ... ) he is there in full glory BUT wife and bacchas by his side..... and I can see one of UP's fav and one of her die hard fan and there is Abha's and Vini's admirers here too and then there are plenty of of them that formed Roopa's hit list

....... and then there are some of those guys that some of us would secretly lust for and pray would notice us ( especially some of them who stood outside to direct cars and traffic ) ...wouldn't it be just super to have them do it even today !!

Well ... if I bring back stronger emotions..... direct them to UP... I was just hoping to evoke some happy memories.... take care and be happy.....


Ujwala said...

good to see your post.

and btw, that was a whole lot of lusting going on on your part and i wasnt even clued in! grrrrr! going back to relook at the names and photographs.

Ujwala said...

and hey i forgot the main thing - yes, their site is a whole lot better now but give us time and we'll be there too. :P

while on the subject any volunteers to do a better job of the first entry made on this blog? pia? sango?

Just click on the first month (Nov '05) in the Archives link on the sidebar and go to the bottom of the page. do send me an email and let me know. After the change, I'll put on top of the page for always.

rohini had a suggestion of a yahoo group where we could put the personal details and I agree with her wholly. shall work on organising that next but only if there are no volunteers :(

DIPALI said...

hahhah !! I swear ... if i start reciting who was'd have a fit....but if you want me to ..i can... then you will have to protectme from them gals and their much adored hubbies..... i will admit my "lust" as well but mine is so boring... my life currently is scintillating ... lissen rajeev says he will help you design a good website with a chat room for just us and so forth,,,,, shall I ask him to pitch in ?

Ujwala said...

rajeev's suggestion sounds wonderful - especially for the design part.

i didnt want a website and chose a blog because there were no problems of hosting, domain name etc. so i think sticking to the blog would be a good idea for the time being but I'd love to get some designing help on the header and the template coz i'm clueless about css and html.

for the chat there are some new sites up and i'll put a rough script let's see if the others use it and then we can get rajeev to upgrade it to something better. will do it tomorrow.

I was thinking of moving the blog over to wordpress as it will automatically allow me to have multiple pages and tags and i can move the extraneous stuff into the additional pages.... just thinking out loud ... just ignore me

DIPALI said...

i have no clue what is word press.. but the 2 aquarians and my closest and him..please do something.... lets get this crackling like never before... and lets get the whole batch singing along with us.. and like we decided ...get the whole lot to meet in 2007 and just have a memory blast

UP.... i am feeling thrilled having got 2-3 new members to this blog of ours... lets make sure we get all the batch on by end of this year.... this is reaLLY A treasure home for the best memories.. and we must get all to share..

Ujwala said...

thank you dipu for all your help, i really mean that and you've managed to locate more than 2-3 of us so dont suddenly become modest - it doesnt suit you :P. we all appreciate your efforts - dont stop!

Ujwala said...

today i find that our site has been mentioned on the home page of the lmob '82 site - hopefully through them we should be able to find a few more of us.