Monday, April 10, 2006

Why are we Old girls from La Martiniere??????

Essy ( Roshni ) and I are seated in this luxurious cabin in our office and we are extremely worried that we are referred as "old " girls.....( lamartiniere "OLD " girls '83 ). she says there is nothing old about her..she is youthful, energetic..... ( I say juvenile ..but she objects )...... therefore this posting is to plea on her behalf change the blog name......down to OLD.. no more OLD girls...

possible alternatives that Essy and I suggest are :

Some Ex Students Association '83 ( short form S.Ex.Ass '83)

La Martiniere Young & Ravishing ' 83 ( short form La-MARTYRS)

Ujwala Prabhu's Youthful & Ravishning Students '83 ( Short form UP-YouRS'83)

Please vote and let us have your feedback / alternatives


Dipa and Essy


Ujwala said...

lol. well, i'm willing to look at dropping "old" if the others object as vehemently. :P and look at La Martiniere Girls '83, Kolkata. sadly the lmog is there to stay as our site address is permanent and so too the yahoo group ids' which by the way the two of you have not joined - grrr! like the 20 odd other folks who havent done so either! ok i'm drifting. garner support and i'll change the name. and sign up for yahoo groups. hey! i'm getting better at summarising!

Rohini said...

Hurrah, Someone else is worried as well. LMOG can be interpreted as LM outrageous gals or outstanding gals or out out-of-this-world girls or once-in-a-lifetime-do-you-find-something-this-good girls.
Ok I"ll stop.
Dipa and others, please do join the yahoo groups- Ujwala has done such a great job. We need to get the 'asli bath' there which we may not be able to discuss here.