Thursday, May 4, 2006

Class Teachers

Hi Gals:
I was trying to remember our class teachers in each Class, and I must admit my memory is not what is was.
Can you help fill in the blanks?

Class XI, XII: Mrs. Nainan, Mrs. Brown
Class, IX X: Mrs Kar, Dayita Dutta, Mrs Gangee
Class VIII. Mrs. SinghDeo
VII Mrs Menon,
VI Mrs. L Kumar
V Mrs. Puri
IV Mrs Kumar
III Ms. Jacob amnesia.
But I am sure between us we can fill the blanks.
And does any one know where any of our teachers are these days?

Thanks Ro, Uj Arti and Dipali for your input. Have updated the list.


Anonymous said...

I hope my memory is correct
Class 3- Mrs. Jacobs
4th- Georgina Lal
5th- Miss D'Souza
6th & 7th- Mrs Mehta
8th- Mrs George
9th ad 10th - Daita Dutta

Ujwala said...

ok i can remember a few of mine
class VI - the year i joined lmc - Mrs L Kumar
Class IX & X - Dayita Dutta
i think Class XII was Mrs Brown

i'm confused too :(

arti manaktala said...

Yes are right - nine and ten was Dayita Dutta.
i think she is still in Calcutta atleast from what I heard the last time.

DIPALI said...

Class 3 : mrs. Jacob
class 4 : Mrs. Kumar
Class 5 : mrs. Puri
Class 6 : Mrs Kumar ( senior )
Class 7 : Mrs. Menon
Class 8 : Mrs. Singhdeo
Class 9 : Mrs. Gangjee
Class 10 : Mrs. Kar
Class 11 : Mrs. Kar
Class 12 : Mrs. Brown

Ujwala said...

dipu you show off!!

DIPALI said...

meanie pie .....
I remember i remember the teachers of school,
See I am really very cool.
My brains tick faster than it ought
sorry UP yours is stuck at naught
my poetry lacks all appeal
but my memory dont you try and steal

I am sober dontcha worry
although i talk in such a slurry

just the heat thats getting to me today
and the fact i discovered 8 more hair grey.

take care



Rohini said...

You need to give Dipu a special slot in the blog- truly awesome writing babe!
Way to go!

Ujwala said...

Ro dont encourage her! She's still showing off!! :D I think i'll give her a sidebar for her poetry - what do you think?

Ujwala said...

Arti - Dayita Dutta is currently the Vice Principal at Welhams.

Anonymous said...

Please give her (Dipu)a sidebar- she is, and always has been such fun. Her poetry shall me immortalized on this blog!
Yeah Dipu!!!!!
Way to Dayita Dutta- we were her first batch along with Mrs Mazumdar!

Anonymous said...

folks sorry for the typos- I cannot touch type to save my life!

DIPALI said...

I shall spout some more wisdom fine
See Rohini thinks me poems divine
Side bars are not enough for the verses in me
One day you will quote eloquent on my historic poetry
I put Wordsworth in the shade
UP I shall send you to Hade
How dare you not like my poems so full of charge
Put it on the front page : in ENLARGE
Forget the typos Rohini my friend
To you this poem I do send
Thank you for liking my messed up rhyme
You make me feel quite sublime

:) cheez......

Ujwala said...

dipu though i like this art of thine
i've used up a right of mine
and the comment has been deleted
but dont be defeated
to the yahoo group it has been
sent for 14 of us to figure out what you meant

ha - never claimed to be a rhymer :D
dipu feel free to delete this comment of mine!

DIPALI said...

You eraser of rhythm and rhyme
You have committed a major crime
Deleted my prose of teachers of school
That, UP, wasnt cool.
Yahoo Group can sit and comment
While I sit here and lament
That thou :eraser of fine word
Took out my poem even though so absurd
Never mind : i pardon thee
coz I shall write another poetry:)
This time I shall write a more wicked one
And bloggers unlimited stun

Wait and see,Dearest Hugh Pee
I shall write major controversy :)

This time dont you erase
I vote for "IT STAYS".

DIPALI said...

The yahoo digest delivered my poem and it was yuck
trust me to upload it: oh holy schmuck!
I was just fritting away some time
And i wrote that silly rhyme

Sorry Doita I didnt mean to be rude
Mrs.Singhdeo was i that lewd ?

At the end of the day no matter size or shape
Or how your saree you did or didnt drape
You were great teachers with loads of patience and wit
And with our batch you'd always be in a fit

Thank you for teaching us to be the best
And to stay head from all the rest.
Its because of teachers like you
This Blog must place its due
You taught us to be a team of friends so close
so to you all I dedicate this prose.

To the Teachers of LMC : thank you .

Ujwala said...

wunderbar! i was getting ready to duck thinking that you'd write something horrid about me :P

Anonymous said...

Dipu, I commend thee
For writing joyous peotry
.. Ok thats the limit of my poetriness.
Uj- Seriously Dipu is good.
Can you write a line about some of the occurences at school in verse without mentioning names?

DIPALI said...

My clearest memories of days of school
Include only those where FUN would rule.
Mrs.Mathews chemistry Class
Oh how much we would her harass
While she climbed one we would run down the other flight of stairs
Throw our books in ryhthm and turn around our chairs.
We would bribe Sulaiman to ring the bell early
Never Abdul for he was too surly.
Steal aloo bombs and eat 30 paise hot chips and orange bar
Wait outside on the road to see the dudes directing our car
Once we went to see a movie in a hall
We all got into wsuch a squall
Piya sprayd the hall with birds of paradise scent
And UP and I under our chairs went.
Samiya would always be with a book
Roopa would dream of a new brawn to cook.
Abha would eat and yet remain skinny
Ham sandwisches were a speciality of Vini.
Dosas and idli treats were Rohini's treat
Geetanjali would rule the roost on Park Street.
Arti would sit an continuously giggle
While UP form a new escapade try and wriggle.
Chidiya , Sreela, Madhumita, Sangeetas five
Around the class they would jive
I remember teaching them to hum loudly like a bee
So that Mrs. malhotra would give us time off for the class of Hindi.
And UP shouted "Horatious" one elocution day
"Coffee with the meal" I said and fainted away.
Fan dance, pet shows , carnivals and more
We really had a good time : guess that was in store
Shucks the more i think of things the more I smile
for the sequel of this poem you may have to wait a while

PS I am in office at this moment and need to stop, hve some awfully boring meetings ;;;;; hell.. it was fun in school

DIPALI said...

i guess tis me that needs to say sorry for the TYPOS this time :)

Anonymous said...

Again , fabulous.
Now will you please put this on the main blog ASAP?
Wonder if we can get any carricatures to go with this.
I am totally impressed!

DIPALI said...

UP is the artist now
her talents to the poem she will endow
I am sure she will make me fat and oh so round
showing me walking and shaking the ground
as for the others I am sure she will see
they look cute and absolutley pretty
she hates my poems she hates my verse
from her lips i hear every curse

tough luck UP i am on a roll
to hush you better give me some Macher jhol
draw us a fine cartoon of the class of eighty three
and then i shall hush all this nonsense poetry....

Whack - 0

Ujwala said...

dipu, my dear, it is lovely to see
your participation fills me with glee
dont stop! dont stop! dont stop now!
coz that will surely make me cross my brow

to make up for my wicked past
and to make your poems cast
their glow on the others at large
promote it i shall to the main pAge

lol! this is fun :D

DIPALI said...

Why did you put my poem on page main
Everyone will look at it in disdain
This is only nonsense prose
I hope it wont put all in comatose :P

I will try and finish the eulogy
with some more delightful poetry

Let me take the girls one by one
and with words have some fun
First the fourteen of those that did dare
To come into the blog and their lives with us share.....

The others that didnt bother to come on line
will not get a piece of my poetry so fine

Some are already in the first part
I now have to tear the others apart

Ranu Parrab and her obsessions with a crow
what she sees in them I still dont know
"Tul pyazar de badoo baddooo",a kashmiri absue
This was Sango's fav. muse
Smeeta would dance and balance on one toe
Ballet was her passion, would make her glow
Saba married off the first amongst us all
On her wedding day she looked like a doll.
Nisha's brownies were by far the best
Her inital English accent would put us to test
Brinda and I would play in a club house
Me the tiger , her the good little mouse
Sangeeta Ohri I remember so clear
Her drawings would bring us so much cheer
Vinita Chand was a quiet kid
Her pretty face behind glasses hid.

Now that i finish I think on writing on the fourteen odd band
Into trouble I am sure to land

But i have had lots of fun to think
Of each of you something I could link

Thank you for being a group of friends so good
Friends for life like this togehter we should.

When we are sixty ( aint too far away )
we should come here and make poetry every day.

:)enough said .... have to go feed the brat....hell any ideas how to make a baby open their mouths to eat ??????????? Dipa

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ok , Uj,
Who the hell was the previous person?
Is that spam?
Maybe you should restrict access!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uj
Thanks for removing the comment.

Sreela said...

hello all : I recently met Neera Dutt while I was visiting Calcutta and came to know of this website. Dipali's poems are terrific and I for one would like to see a lot more of them. I am presently located in the US and work for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. I'm married to an astrophysics Ph.D, Jaydeep Mukherjee but have retained my maiden name. Would love to know what all of you are up to. Please add me to your list if it's OK with you all. Take care and hope to hear from you all. Missed all you gals lots : sreela