Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello to All

Hello to All

It is wonderful to be in touch again and get everyone's news. I'm based in London and hope to see you here sometime. I have just come back from a short holiday to Kolkata - had a great time re-visiting old places and also plenty of new malls/restaurants and hope to meet some of you on my next holiday! Take care and do keep on keeping in touch - Rahat


Ujwala said...

good to see you here Rahat. hope to have a photo update from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rahat,
Good to hear from you.

DIPALI said...

hey rahat..... i still remember your home on the majerhat bridge and we had some good times together right since 1972 ( imagine 30 ++++++ years ago :) jeez.... things never change though.....i got your sms ... i was thrilled :) you take care and lets be in touch... do give me your news

Love dipali

abha said...

hi there rahat nice to c u online keep ion touch abha

abha said...

rahat send me mail on my cell 9873662545 or at