Sunday, September 10, 2006

Movies !

Thought I would drop everyone a short note to say hi as it's been a while since I last logged on.
I saw an Almodovar film 'Volver' starring Penelope Cruz. It's in Spanish but with English subtitles . It is thoroughly enjoyable & you will soon forget that the dialogue is in Spanish. I went along with some friends and it was a good way to spend an evening. See it if you can! Has anyone else seen anything interesting? All the best - Rahat


Ujwala said...

good to see you hear :D i've cut myself off from almost all kinds of news i can see - hadnt heard of the film. putting it on my list to see at the earliest.

my most recent book is the biography of georgia o'keeffe by jeffrey hogrefe. picked up the book at a second hand store in bangalore :P i usually never read biographies but she was such an unusual woman that i got caught up in the (apparent) story of her life. i'm looking forward to reading her version of it.

keep posting :D

Anonymous said...

I heard about this movie when they interviewed P.Cruz at Cannes. SOunds really good. Will watch!Rohini