Friday, October 27, 2006

Online Safety Measures for Children

This article has a bunch of steps that you can take to increase the safety of your children online. One of them was to be there when they are online and I think that this would be the best way - to be in the same room when they choose to go online. Schools have their own filters in place, you need to have some at home. Feeling technically challenged is not going to help :P Have a look and take some steps if you havent already.

Source: Cool Cat Teacher's site has this and many other interesting articles. Found the link on Lifehacker.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Esther Roshni Chandy

Dont know how I missed posting this one. It got left as a draft in my attempts at spacing out the posts.

Esther as always spoiled me silly with dinner at her place after she'd had a hard day at work. I was keenest on meeting up with her as she'll soon be moving out of Bangalore. Here are a bunch of photos of Esther, Rebecca, Philip and Gertrude or was it Griselda?? Esther help me out here I've forgotten your doggie's name.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So much hasnt changed!

kolkata - 1946 -47

Got the link to this site from an old friend Subha. There are 60 odd photographs taken between 1946-47 by American Military Personnel based in Kolkata. These have been acquired recently by the University of Pennsylvania and uploaded to their library. Thought that you guys might also enjoy them too.

Looks like a lot hasn't changed - the photographer was complaining of traffic jams - people as well as buffaloes. :D Burrabazaar and the signages. Overloading of public transportation. Makes me want to rush back home to old familiar sights! There are others of the Hooghly without the bridge. A Chowringhee square that I did not recognize and other gems. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Sell by, Use by, Best before

I have so far treated all 3 as expiration dates, this article explains why they're not. The other new thing that I learnt was that the temperature of the freezer within our refrigerators is not sufficient for long term storage of food. Read more in this Business Week article on The Truth About Food Expiration Dates.

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