Thursday, March 30, 2006


and counting.

I've left out Samiya as, even though the mails havent bounced back, we've recieved no confirmation. Rohini Raghunathan got in touch leaving a comment on the blog and I'm hoping to get her email id to add her to this list. Lastly, Smeeta, who I've met often in the recent past, including dinner in Dhaka! I've realised that I dont have her email id. She did give it to me but I guess it was verbal and I forgot to note it down thinking hey, it's so simple how can i forget?? Looks like I did!

Without them the count is at 27. I've put the names in a box in the sidebar on the right. Have a quick look and let me know if you know of others that i've missed or can get in touch with and any other errors that you spot or blanks that you can fill. please email me the details.

And for those who are in the least bit curious, I've used an online database app, Lazybase to host this information.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Writely - Word on the Net

Sango, this one is especially for you. There's this new buzz called Web 2.0. Basically it's about online applications. One of the applications that is already available and quite effective even though it's in the beta stage is Writely. It is basically a chota bhai of MS Word. It is available online and it is free. 90% of the tools provided by Word are not used by people working on regular office documents - Microsoft is just a very good marketeer and has practically everyone using their applications. All that is about to change :P.

Realised that I've spent more time talking about Word than Writely so here goes. Click on the header above. It will take you to the Writely website. Register and start a document. Now you can update it, collaborate with someone, work on it offline or online. It is simply fabulous. And Sango you will not need a laptop coz wherever you go you will have access to a computer and the net.

Got into Dhaka a few days back. House hunting has started in earnest. Smeeta was here in Dhaka on work. Had dinner with her last night. Wonderful to have had someone familiar over so soon. The rest of you plot and plan and get here. Will suss out all the shopping haunts and restaurants by then. Keep posting!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hello - My first time doing something innovative online!

Hey everyone!!

So im finally on this thing and tryin' to do it! It's going to take me a while to get completely familiar with it and for me to use it more frequently but everything's going well and good so far. =) So give me some time to figure this out and I shall come up with some smart and well written posts!

But for now since I'm not completely sure about what i have to write in is what I look like of late(I'm posting a picture of myself..hope it shows up!) and my two kids Amrusha who is 15yrs and Angraaj 12yrs(fondly called Amu & Angu). Amrusha's writing her class 10 ICSE board exams and Angraaj just finished with class 6.

As for me, I'm not working or anything but I'm dying to get in touch with you all and want to know what's going on in everyone's life!! Do visit my blog which my daughter just created for me. It isn't complete but maybe you could leave me some comments and let me know how I can make improvements. The link is

Catch you later!
Much love-

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Finally moved out of the house!

Esy wonderful to have you on board. Dont stop posting. And the rest of you buck up!

It took the packers 5 whole days!! Considering that we have less now than our earlier moves and it took us at most 3 days, I still cannot understand what happened!?W$@#%$# Anyway, it's over!

It's good that I took that long holiday earlier last month and did not have regular access to the net coz now that has become even more limited, luckily, I'm not getting my usual withdrawal pangs.

So it's up to you to make some posts. Looks like we're going to be here till the 17th of this month.