Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vini bell n sango

hi everyone. this is toooo thrilling. bell has finally cracked my lame-duck computer and we've managed to post...even tho comments are still eluding us!

bell leaves in an hour. the update is that vini who was nowhere in the picture as far as the so called painting workshop is concerned has emerged the winner by not only doing the maximum no of paintings but also by showing the greatest enthusiasm!

apart from painting...we have eaten out...spent long hours chatting over many cups of chai paani wine whisky etc feeling dreadful that she is actually going...wish we could ALL stay and live

bella n

hey ro bell n i r together ostensibly to paint...joke...because that seems to be the only thing we don't find time for! but it is absolutely wonderful to be together ...and staying together.takes me back to icse days when we used to shift in with each other ...ostensibly to study!! that was an even bigger joke! will be in the us next month. nyc,sfo, la...will call.haven't the foggiest who is organizing the dec get together. knowing how lazy we ALL are... it might just be a good idea to just land up and hope for the best!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Niagara Falls

We were there last week for one day. It was completely stunning. I had to share this with you all.