Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The person who gets all the names right will get a prize!  I had super fun going through the  names with Vini.   This is her  Class photograph.  

Monday, December 26, 2005

And they keep coming in to Delhi :P

Sharmila was visiting Delhi and obviously meeting up with Saba and Malini.   Saba happened to invite Sonia and me for lunch too.   Saba's mum had put up one helluva spread and it was truly delicious.  Had a late lunch and then whiled away the time drinking tea and catching up.  Finally had to tear myself away and the 3 of them were delighted coz they were waiting to get down to some serious catching up! 

Got to meet Sharmila's daughter Ishani (11) who looks just like her and  both of Saba's kids -  Samir and Rhea.  Cant say that they look like Saba.  But Samir is tall and 22 and Rhea who is 6 going on 7 says that everyone thinks that he is a "flim" star!   If I had woken up a bit earlier I would've taken a few more photos but i'm hoping that the mum's will email me the picts so that i can put them up.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Let us now praise famous men

by R Vaughan Williams

Let us now praise fa
mous men
and our fathers that begat us
such as did bear rule
in their kingdoms
men reknowned for their power
leaders of the people
by their council
and by their knowledge
such as found out
musical tune and
recited verses in writing
All these were honoured
in their generation
and for the glory of our times
but some there be
which have no memorial
who have perished as though
they have never been
Their bodies are
buried in peace
but their name liveth
forever more.

please let me know where the errors have crept in.....

Vive La Martiniere - School Song

Hail! Hail! the name we own
Hail! to the giver
Blessings and bright renown
Be his forever

All his martial deeds may die
Lasting still his charity
This his laurel blooms for aye
Dead he lives in us today

This then our song shall be
As we chant his eulogy
May our Founder's name endure
Ever spotless, ever pure

Hail! Hail! the name we own
Hail! to the giver
Blessing and bright renown
Be his forever

Faithful may we ever be
Followers of his constancy
Firm of hand against the foe
Soft of heart to succour woe

This then our song shall be
As we chant his eulogy
May our Founder's name endure
Ever spotless ever pure

Hail! Hail! the name we own
Hail! to the giver
Blessing and bright renown
Be his forever

Something about X'mas and New Year's Eve brings back memories of school and our school song more vividly. And I seem to have sung our school song more often after i left school than while i was in it! And you'd be surprised at the no. of people who joined me, over the years. One New Year's Eve, I discovered two other people who were ex-martinians just coz they joined me in the singing :P Didnt want to take chances with my memory - found the words to our song in wikipedia.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

What Should I Read Next?

All you avid readers are sure to enjoy this one. Feed in the names of a few books and it suggests the names of books that you would like to read. This seems to be similar to Amazons recommendations and it is based on the data given by other users of this service. if their suggestions are ones that you have already read add them to your list and look for more. I've just fed in about 10 books and got a nice list of suggestions from the site. Let me know if it helps you find a good book!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dipa and Diya

Dipa and Diya
Here's a picture of Dipa with Diya.  Diya looks just like her mama but then so does her son.  I have few more of Aditya and Diya at Zoto so click on the picture and you'll be heading there.  I hope the rest of you will follow her lead. Mail me write-ups, photos or both :P.

More Galleries

Sonia in HT

As many of you are aware Sonia has been keenly interested and actively involved in Kashmir and related matters.  This article is not on her favorite subject but a related one.  She recently wrote an article on terror and violence in the Hindustan Times - Pin-pointless violence. Article appeared in HT on Nov 21, 2005  (click on the header of this post or her photograph to read the article)

Ujwala in Art College


For those of you who dont know.  I quit working about 5 years ago.  For the last year or so, mostly when we were stuck in a hotel, I started painting.  Since this fad lasted longer than the earlier ones, I took it further by joining Delhi College of Art, in August, this year, as a non-collegiate student.  I'm loving ever minute of it - well almost every minute :P

Picture taken this morning by one of the teachers.  We've had the principal teaching us drawing for the last 3 weeks.  You can see me in the background with a red muffler.  I'm making sure I get a view of what's going on.  Dont have the heart to push my way in so i'm famous for standing on benches, chairs, desks whatever i can get my feet on.

Saba's in town


Saba is in town and managed to round us up for drinks last night at Shalom, GK II 'N' Block Market.  Was there with Linda too just a month ago.  Nice place.  

We had good fun and hopefully we'll manage to meet up again soon.  You want details.  Speak to one of the others - I was never any good at descriptions or writing for that matter.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Discover Music - Pandora


Hey you guys, wake up!!

and when you do, check this site out. You put in the names of your favourite groups or singers and it creates a radio station which plays songs by them or similar groups. truly fantastic and a must try. let me know if you like it. whoever i've told so far is absolutely hooked.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Tea at Roopa's

all six of us taken by angraj

Last weekend both Ronnie and Ruby were in town. We met up at Roopa's who had laid out quite a spread for us. We were meeting up after school and that was a long long time ago. The plan was to meet up for an hour or two and we ended up spending over 3!

Ruby looks the same 'cept with longer hair and Veronica is just the same. You guys will say the same about Dolly too. But i'm sure you will agree that the rest of us - Abha, Roopa and me have put on weight. :D

Thursday, December 1, 2005

From Es

rebecca, esther and philip

Got Es to send me some picts of her kids and she sent a few of Linda with her kids too.

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