Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mediterranean Blue

Even though Meera D'd told me about Borg El Arab and how blue the sea was I did'nt figure just how blue that blue could be! Borg el Arab is about an hours drive from Alex.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Toronto gang!!

Hi gals,

Mira and I met up on Sunday afternoon after twenty three years and it was like yesterday and we had the best time ever!!!
Where did all this time go...honest gals,it was like we had just left school.Mira looks the same and has a lovely home and two beautiful kids..I did not get a chance to meet Vikram as he was away on a business trip and it was well timed as he would not have had a chance to get a word in!!!(poor guy).We had so much to share and so much to talk about that even fours hours was not enuff.
Its so nice to have another friend from school and we are so fortunate to have been in school together - we are really blessed.As Dipa said in another note,the best part is that all the good ol' faces are still the same good ol' people and no one has changed.Its nice to pick up from where we left off and may it always remain the same.
Hopefully more of you will join in the blog and participate and maybe even join us in Toronto on vacation or work or heh!! you might just move here like we did!!!!!
take care everyone.
(beware - if Dipa and Roopa are together,its quite a deadly combo - they woke me up at four in the morn)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To all my Compadres....

Hello Everyone,
Hope all is going well in your lives. We have not heard from too many of you recently. We are soon going to have big gap here 'cos Ujawala will not have internet access for a while at home. How about we all step up to the plate and a make a post or two? Otherwise you will have to hear the boring details of my life on a daily basis!
Easy steps.....
1. Accept the invitation that Ujwala sent you.(if you have not already)
2. Go to the log in page- the little button at the left hand top corner which says blogger. Click on it.
3. Type in your name and password to log in.
4. Press the green '+' sign
5. Type whatever you want in the box that appears. Type a title in the title box.
6. Press Publish Post
Viola! it then it gets posted!

Friday, April 21, 2006

And Roopa has come to town

I wish I could put up a snap of the 2 of us reuniting after 23 years..... but I would need a wide lens camera and a very stoic photographer to actually dare to do justice to this potrait... never mind.. we are still ravishing and sexy and desirable and wonderful human beings and with sooooooo much of us for all of you to adore ( enmasse ).

Roopa and I have been together since Nursersy ( Ms. Higgins ) before we joint LMC together in 1973. And we have had the pleasure of creating plenty of strife in many people's lives.
Last night we met up with lindy and had a couple of vodkas while being bitten alive with BLR's infamous mosquitoes. It was fun and it was good to hear the cackles and bursts of laughter and recollection of what exactly I would do to deserve the special Ms. Mathew chair for me ( inside a dustbin ).

Nonetheless..... this mail is to tell all of you... come on over to BLR .... you all are always welcome

Take care


Thursday, April 20, 2006

To go with Rohini's post about is Hastings '82, I think.

Which house were you in?

Ok folks I want to know who was in which house at school?
I was in Martin House which did very well for the long spell that I was there.


Meera D

Vinita Kapoor
Sangeeta Bukshi
Archana Goenka


Where are the rest of Hastings and Macaulay

Lets find out from the rest of you as well...
All you have to do is add a comment at the end of this blog.

You don't need to sign in, just write a comment anonymously if it is easier and just sign your first name at the end.

I will update it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It only takes a spark.....

500 miles, Amazing Grace - John Newton, All things bright and beautiful, Away in the Manger, Beautiful Dreamer, Billy Boy,
Blessed are the Pure in Heart - Bible songs, Blowin in the wind, Brown Girl in the Ring, Can it be true?, Clementine, Count your blessings - John Oatman, Down by the Riverside, Ducks, Finniculi Finnicula, Give me oil in my Lamp - Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand, Go tell it on the mountain, He's got the whole world, Hevenu Shalom Allekum, If I were a rich man, It's a long road to freedom, Jambalaya, Jesus stand among us, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho - Paul Robeson, Kookaburra
La Cucuracha, Love is like a Magic Penny, My Grandfather's Clock, Nina Pretty Ballerina, O Come All Ye Faithful - John Wade, O Susana - Stephen Foster, Obladi Oblada, Oh Sinner Man, Pass It On - Kurt Kaiser, Polly Wolly Doodle, Scarborough Fair, Skip to my Lou, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Tom Dooley, The Wayfaring Pilgrim, Una Paloma Blanca, We shall overcome, When the Saints Go Marching In.

These are the ones that I could remember. I'm sure you guys will remember plenty more. Please add in the comments and I'll find links for them. UPDATE : i've put in the ones that Rohini,Dipa and Sangeeta named. And for Arti - Malaika - but i dont think we learnt it in school or did we?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bihari Ishtyle English

Here is a photo I got form Essy..... taken in a dhaba close to Patna ..... had a good laugh.... thought I'd share this with all of you. Love Dipali

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mrs. Nainan's class- XII

Here is another class picture from a rather under represented section of the batch of '83. Common girls, where are you.
Have more pictures on the yahoo site, so do check.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Endangered !! Salman Khan

Hi ! A few of you may know that one of my "esteemed "classmates in college ( St.Xaviers, Bombay) was Salman Khan.... here is a poem written in a few my husband ( Rajeev )... since I had a good laugh over it.. thought I would share this with you all.


Rajeev Kumar
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 8:21 PM
Subject: A rhyme for salman :)

Here's the hero, pumped on steroids
walks like he has got hemorrhoids
liked to sow his oats all over
Somi, Aish, Katrina but not Gulshan Grover

He had many a success in Bollywood's lane
his movies were hits, though his acting inane
the ladies loved the bod, the dudes were jealous
our man had a temper and was often quite zealous

Thought he was macho when he held his gun
decided to slay helpless fauna for fun
too bad his limited brain cells failed
they were endangered, so Sallu got jailed

Though our muscled friend did try his luck
to worm out of the case where he killed black buck
he had more grief when his big landrover
flew off the road, ran a poor soul over

Too bad that life seldom imitates art
PETA just branded him a stupid upstart
a killer of chinkara and innocent black buck
he should have just gone and eaten bombay duck

Though the cases meandered the judge was harsh
and Sallu couldnt hide in a field or a marsh
in front of family including pumped up Sohail
the cops slapped on the cuffs and took him to jail

In jail he could play carrom but didnt get mangola
nor a contract to act in an ad for Thums Up cola
The three days that he spent in Jodhpur cells
taught him that life is not about lifting dumb belles

The PETA folks rejoiced and danced and sang a little song
they rejoiced cos Sallu was wrong, he shouldn't wear a thong
anyone that ventures out to hunt innocent fauna
will be roasted on a spit or locked up in a sauna

They granted bail, he left jail, atleast for now
maybe he'll go vegan and not eat a sacred cow
PETA folks were not too pleased cos Sallu's on the loose
They will only be at ease when he's dangling on a noose

Sallu had a bright career but he let his ding dong
rule his limited brain cells and goad him to do wrong wrong
Hope Katrina takes an iron and clocks him in the noggin
he might give up hunting and just take up morning joggin'

Though the man has been a jerk he does have a heart kind
he's going to help out inmates, give them some peace of mind
upgrades to living conditions in sickly government jails
good food and time pass for inmates and maybe access to emails

This my friends is the tale so far, the plot might still just thicken
If he's cool, he'll clean his act and maybe hunt a chicken
Lets hope for the sake of his kith and kin
he sticks to showing skin and avoids all sin

Thursday, April 13, 2006

23 and 31 years ago... we lived in happy harmony

I found some great pics of us all in class 8, 10, and 12.... hell so many years ago..some of you have kids this age now........... well... all i know is that i feel very much the same and being back in touch with all of you just reinforces that....
Please have a look at our class pics and guess who is who... I was able to put a name to each one.... I am sure you will be able to too.


PS any one copies of these snaps , just mail me telling me which one and I will be happy to send them

now in techni colour... class X , I believe

Look at Piya and Abha and Mun Mun and dimple saldhana,nisha, trina,rahat , roopa, vini, julie,ratna , dolly,kavita nahata,oni, madhumita,nilina, archana, indira,sukanya, sangeeta,ruby,anupa,raakhee, with Mrs Kar. I have only forgotten 2 peoples name in this ...some one please help..... one I know starts with S ( she is snuggled b.w mdhumita and oni) and the other pleasantly plump one ( i know she was in the hostel ) behind julie, close to abha.

HELP close the loop.... first one to answer correctly gets an all paid for vacation to Bangalore :)

More photos...

This is Class 5 - 1975 . Class Teacher was Miss D'Souza. This was a while ago. Brings back so many memories.

This is Mrs Jacobs' Class 3 at LMC- 1973. How amazing is this! My son is in 3rd grade now and wow does time fly!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Big Hello to ALL :)

This really is a great idea –thank you again Ujwala and thanks to everyone else for making posts. It has really been a fun trip down memory lane, and am looking forward to connecting with even more folks.
Been great catching up with Ujwala. Am posting a sort of summery of my mails to her about where I have been and what I have been doing over the past several years on the yahoo groups. Am now in Cary, North Carolina. Am married and have two girls, Maya and Ayesha.

Again, each one of you, it is wonderful reconnecting. Little in life comes close to the beauty of the innocent joys and tears we shared and the adolescent discoveries we made together, during those wonderful years in school…okay ...okay I sound maudlin and sentimental … but that is where this blog takes me.

Thats Life...

I took this picture while driving back from the Florida Keys over the winter break. Thought it was cute.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mira Aunty's chocolate cake recipe

Been getting sms's and messages and sighs and " I miss, I want, I need " lines from the gang asking for mom's chocolate cake recipe ........which by the way she has dedicated to the girls of '83..... so here goes for those that wanted it .... Mom requested those of you that try it , email her and let her know how it came...she is available on

Sift together 1 3/4 cup flour, 1 1/2 tsp soda bicarb. 1/.2 tsp salt 6 tbsp cocoa powder
Beat together 1/2 cup shortening ( mom uses dalda ), 1 1/2 cup fine sugar, 2 eggs, 1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence , 1 1/4 cups curds

Beat altogether well..pour into a well greased and floured pan. Bake in moderate oven ( 150 degrees )for 30-35 mins. Keep aside for 5 minutes and then over turn the tin....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Why are we Old girls from La Martiniere??????

Essy ( Roshni ) and I are seated in this luxurious cabin in our office and we are extremely worried that we are referred as "old " girls.....( lamartiniere "OLD " girls '83 ). she says there is nothing old about her..she is youthful, energetic..... ( I say juvenile ..but she objects )...... therefore this posting is to plea on her behalf change the blog name......down to OLD.. no more OLD girls...

possible alternatives that Essy and I suggest are :

Some Ex Students Association '83 ( short form S.Ex.Ass '83)

La Martiniere Young & Ravishing ' 83 ( short form La-MARTYRS)

Ujwala Prabhu's Youthful & Ravishning Students '83 ( Short form UP-YouRS'83)

Please vote and let us have your feedback / alternatives


Dipa and Essy

Saturday, April 8, 2006

For Indira Velukutty

From her sister Archana:
For Indira...
This is a post different from the previous ones since it is being sent on behalf of a member of the LMOG 1983 batch.
It 's in memory of my sister Indira (Indu) Velukutty who passed away on April 29th, 2005 after a long battle with breast cancer. She and her husband Rajeev Menon moved to the US in 1987. She lived in Fremont, California & raised three beautiful children; Viraj (15) Vishak (10) and Kamini (6). Indu's courage and determination in the face of all odds is an inspiration to the many lives she touched during her short lifetime.
My sincere thanks to Ujwala & the rest of you who have connected so many people through this blog... for me it's a link to Indu's childhood & many fond memories.

Archana Velukutty (LMOG - 1987)
Berkeley Heights -NJ

Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Dearest friends,

Firstly a very big thank-you to Dipali for tenaciously making every effort to track me down in the perma-frost region of Canada!!! (Yes,we have all scattered into the four corners of the globe!)
Also to Ujjwala for creating this wonderful site where we can all connect after almost two decades.

A very big hello to all of you and look forward to sharing in all your happenings over the last twenty years...looks like we have all carved our niches in different areas and seems like most are focussing on families,careers and loved ones.

My story is one of many ups and downs over the last twenty years as I am sure is the case in most peoples lives...though I must admit there have been more "ups" than "downs" and pray may it be the same for all the wonderful gals of the class of '83

I moved to Toronto in the summer of '88 with an alcoholic and abusive husband and fortunately was able to reconize the signs of a disastrous future ahead and subsequently took a bold step that I never looked back on and with a few pennies to my name and a few worldly belongings I decided to abort the relationship...basically nipped it in the bud and embarked on a new journey all by myself.
Fortunately I had a good job that allowed me to sustain myself and with the support,love and care of a wonderful family and a few new found friends in Toronto I managed to sail rather than sink!! (was determined to do so)

Through many twists and turns on this journey I must admit I have been blessed with the oppurtunity of meeting wonderful people,forming great friendships and relationships and traversing the globe has definitely broadened my horizon on life and made me a much better person overall.
Living in Toronto I have been able to interact with people of all walks of life and being such a multicultural melting pot its been a great experience assimilating with people from all over the world...what a wonderful history and geopraphy lesson in its self....more than what Ms.Dutta or Ms.Choudhury could ever have taught me!!!!

i am currently residing in Toronto,work for a communications company called Bell Canada and work in sales for high revenue business markets.I keep a busy routine with work and play and enjoy the change of seasons but I am not so sure "tropical birds" like us are a good fit for the long and arduous winter months!!! I really enjoy playing squash,doing yoga and working out and love to cook and entertain ( so if any of you decide to visit - I promise you wont go hungry)
I also spend a lot of time with a wonderful man whose has been friend, companion and the love of my life!!!

Now,if only I knew how to post a picture of myself.I think I look pretty much the same,maybe a wee bit older
Stay tuned...maybe next time I will post a mug shot

How is everyone else doing?? Roopa,I think of you often and Gopi and I talk regularly and often remember good times at school socials and Tolly!!!
Deepa,I saw your site and you are doing great guns!!! Keep it up,that is fantastic.Your kids are gorgeous-bless them always!
Meera,I hear you are also in Toronto - we must connect.
Rohini.I still remember all the wonderul idli-dosa lunches at your home after school.
Vinita,we spent a lot of good times together and so did our folks ....remember??

This is so nice gals...nice to reconnect after aeons.Stay in touch and hopefully we can all meet up one day and truly have a great big reunion.

love and hugs to all and look forward to hearing from you all


arti manaktala

LMOG - La Martiniere Old Girls '83, Kolkata

LMOG - La Martiniere Old Girls '83, Kolkata
We need more juice here. I know its the middle of the week and everyone is extra busy but....
Chennai is very hot right now. Not able to run the 20 miles that I usually do- (yeah right- Ok who believed that?)
Have you folks seen any good movies recently- regular /independent/ TV etc?
I am glad to see so many Indian authors on the horizon as well as fabulous art locally. Also have been able to catch up on cricket. It is good to see ODIs live instead of taping them watching them in fast forward!
Don't want to sound too domesticated but can each of you post your favorite recipes here?
Keep on blogging..

Monday, April 3, 2006

We can't be outdone by the class of 1982

dipu's find.jpg

Admit it.... once you log on to this site ( you will discover a) that they have been able to link up to more people than we have b ) that there are many names on this list that are undoubtedly familiar and bring back many a sigh.... I admit... the first guy I ever danced with ( Founders Day Social ... ) he is there in full glory BUT wife and bacchas by his side..... and I can see one of UP's fav and one of her die hard fan and there is Abha's and Vini's admirers here too and then there are plenty of of them that formed Roopa's hit list

....... and then there are some of those guys that some of us would secretly lust for and pray would notice us ( especially some of them who stood outside to direct cars and traffic ) ...wouldn't it be just super to have them do it even today !!

Well ... if I bring back stronger emotions..... direct them to UP... I was just hoping to evoke some happy memories.... take care and be happy.....

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Nonu, the skating Squirrel

For those who havent got a copy of Nonu, the Skating Squirrel, you might want to do so now - because Vinita is the illustrator for this book by Anita Nair. I found this on the ndtv shopping site a few days back and Vinita sent me some more images of just Nonu, yesterday. All have been put up on the lmog Zoto site. She also illustrates for Verve and I'd put a link to one of the articles, with her illustration, in the sidebar on the right. Way to go Vinita! Hope to see many more.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Hi Everyone...From Rohini

This is so much fun. Ujwala, thanks a ton for doing this.
I am in Chennai for a short while and then head back to the US.
I live in San Jose, California and am practising medicine there.
I have 2 children, a wonderful husband and a great big labrador.
I saw all the photos and is wonderful to see everyone again. I have 2 old photos- one from Mrs Jacobs' 3 grade and one from Mrs D'souza'a 5th grade. I will scan and post them when I get back.
I talked to Samiya (after centuries)- she is in Columbia University in NY.
It was good to see LMC- with brand new paint and all! They have not changed the PT uniform (in 25 years)!
Guys, keep the posts coming... Rohini .