Friday, June 16, 2006

Art Rage 2.0

I stumbled across this application a few months ago. Art Rage is an drawing, painting software programme. It is super easy and great fun to use. And unlike a lot of other software it isn't disabled in any way. It does have more features in the paid version. I've been using the free (basic) version. This is my second attempt at painting. I havent yet mastered using the mouse with suitable dexterity as yet :D

Since Summer Holidays are round the corner, I thought that your kids might enjoy using this and/or that you might too. In any case, in todays digital world even art is made on a digital canvas so you'll might as well make an attempt to learn :D I had great fun making this painting in the morning and quite a lot of it was because i could just start and didnt have to go running around for a canvas, brushes, turpentine or even a rag cloth!

Hope you guys do try this out and enjoy it as much as I do. Honest, this one gets a 10 on 10 rating from me. And have you heard me rave about something like this?

One bit of exciting news is that for the first time I shall have a room to myself for my art!! I'm very excited about the "studio" and I'm hoping that it will get me to spend sometime everyday drawing, painting or just reading. Well, I can hope, cant I?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, now I am intrigued- will try it. Ro

Ujwala said...

hope you'll leave me some feedback once you have.

Rohini said...

Tried the trial version- not bad. The paint brush is a little hard to weild with a mouse. They suggest using something else - like a gamers console. Your picture looks tons beeter than my aatempts. Did you buy the software or use the trial version?

DIPALI said...

UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP : you know while I love you very much and always have wished yout he truest happiness always.... i wish you would also use your darn management talents and get back to a job or a biz.... be it art.... and not lounge the day and years through... :(... you are such a capable professional... the corporate world needs people like you

Yell at me ... but i have never stopped telling you this.

DIPALI said...
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Ujwala said...

dipu i aint listening to that one :D

ro i've been using the trial version. you need to reduce the thickness of the brush by pressing the - button in the lower left hand corner. that gives you more control. and try the pencil or crayon. great that you tried it. thanks :D