Friday, November 17, 2006

Kya haal hai?

Hi Everyone,
Have not heard from you all in a while. Life has been going at full speed here (is there any other way for us working women/moms?)!! We are going to Vegas next week for the Thanksgiving break. Hubby feels that I may not want to come back home!! Very tempting...
Will keep you posted and try to get some good photos! Take Care Gang!!


Ujwala said...

Haal toh theek thaak hai. shukriya :D

Quite obviously you've been working hard and deserve this break. Hope you have a great holiday.

I'm currently working on a Portrait Project. Have a look when you get the time and I'd love to get your opinion. I've already trouble sango for hers :P

Anonymous said...

looks very good, Ro

Rahat said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rohini & looking forward to the photo's - Rahat