Thursday, February 23, 2006

It Feb 22nd and it's Abha's Birthday

Just thought that I'd let you guys know that it is Abha's birthday today and she too like me has turned 41 :P And yes, I know, I should've put this up a day earlier.

Happy Birthday Abha! I'm sure all the rest join me in wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

A little bit about what Abha's been up to in her own words....
i take each day as it comes and with teaching 18 year olds i now remember their lives more than my past!!! i have married ranjit he is about 8 years older than me has the biggest heart and a great sense of humour , n i have a 13yr old and a 8 yr old 2 boys and i am working at a well known delhi school, its the closest i cud make it to the civil servicrs!!! its their school!!!


This snap was taken few days back and the beautiful Pen and Ink works that you see Abha admiring have been made by Vinita.