Thursday, March 30, 2006


and counting.

I've left out Samiya as, even though the mails havent bounced back, we've recieved no confirmation. Rohini Raghunathan got in touch leaving a comment on the blog and I'm hoping to get her email id to add her to this list. Lastly, Smeeta, who I've met often in the recent past, including dinner in Dhaka! I've realised that I dont have her email id. She did give it to me but I guess it was verbal and I forgot to note it down thinking hey, it's so simple how can i forget?? Looks like I did!

Without them the count is at 27. I've put the names in a box in the sidebar on the right. Have a quick look and let me know if you know of others that i've missed or can get in touch with and any other errors that you spot or blanks that you can fill. please email me the details.

And for those who are in the least bit curious, I've used an online database app, Lazybase to host this information.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous to see everyones face and hear about your life. My email is (edited). Ujwala, what is your contact?

8:55 AM, April 01, 2006

Anonymous said...

hi up wahts happening....have u found a place or still in d hotel....just to let u know i am now adicted to checking out this spot every day to find out whats happening to the batch....abha

Ujwala said...

hi abha, good to see that you're coming to check out the posts. how about making one of your own?

found a place and now we're hatching a plot to move out of the hotel earlier. have to do some desperate white good shopping before that.

and why're you commenting as anonymous instead of abha?