Monday, July 10, 2006

FIFA World Cup Finals

Was that awesome or what? ! It was a fabulous match with both France and Italy playing their hearts out. Zidane's red card performance was shocking, especially since this was his last world cup appearance! I guess the best team won. Hats Off to the Italians!


Ujwala said...

just saw the zidane foul replay. seemed totally unecessary. the verbal provocation must've been extreme.

arti manaktala said...

great game with a nail biting finish-I joined a little pool at work and was betting on Argentina and Italy - glad they made it to the end.You gals are right it was a shame to see Zidane exit the game in shame specially since it was his finalé!!!
just saw the breaking news of the bomb blasts in Mumbai...on seven trains simultaneously...its complete carnage and a real tragedy.very sad to see.

Ujwala said...

heard the news earlier in the evening. looked horrific :(