Thursday, January 25, 2007

Different and yet the same!


I leave these meetings feeling that I haven't caught up enough. There's so much to talk about for each of the years that have passed. Met up with Archana soon after I got in to Kolkata and requested her to round up as many as she could for tea. Went on to Bangalore and met up with Dipu, Linda and Devika Nair. In the excitement of catching up no photos were taken :( Got back to Kolkata and tea at Flury's with Archana, Sangeeta, Munmun and Oni. Getting Oni's number was serendipitous. There was a lady at Indrakshi's party who looked at me as though she knew me and I thought she was Oni. It turned out she wasnt but she'd met Oni recently and was nice enough to give me her number! Amazing!

From what I hear the LH get together went off extremely well and so did the one the boys of the '82 batch had. Ours is tentatively scheduled for Dec 20 to Dec 23, 2007. What do you guys think? We need to find the others in the next few months so that we give them enough time to plan a trip to Kolkata in December. I hear off an on that some of you have bumped into someone or the other. Please email me whatever details that you might have, telephone number, mailing address, email id etc. We need to locate the others and soon.


Rohini said...

Thanks so much Ujwala.
All of you look fab. Archana, you look like you did 25 years ago, Sangita- no change, Miss M - looking great- lost those cheeks! and Oni- same twinkling eyes!
Flurys looks great. Cannot forget the pastries. Uj thanks again.

Anonymous said...

You all look just the same. had no problems recognizing anyone...are we sure it is 25 yrs and not 15 :) smiles