Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The person who gets all the names right will get a prize!  I had super fun going through the  names with Vini.   This is her  Class photograph.  


Anonymous said...

wowowowowo : i can see vatsala second from right front row and i can see my long plait and i can see roopa ofcourse, dolla, sreela mullick, pulpy,ranu parrab, vini,,, actually i want a larger photo so i can guess better :) this is so good UP .... thanks for putting this up

Hail LMC :)


Ujwala said...

Vineeta Chand - sent me her immediate recollection. I've put this up in comments to share with all who look up this post.

I recognize Roopa Vini Dipali Sikand Ruth Bowie Dolly
in the front row
Rahut Uppal if that picture was bigger Im sure id find
Giselle(the tall french girl) is that Barbara the
other foreign girl or was she in Anjilas class
I think Anita Biswas is there
Sheila Gana Vinitha Nair Manjari Prashar Uma
Marcelle Syms Priti Sangeeta Bhasin Arti Maniktala
Chandra Chandani Alita D'souza just a few names I