Monday, December 26, 2005

And they keep coming in to Delhi :P

Sharmila was visiting Delhi and obviously meeting up with Saba and Malini.   Saba happened to invite Sonia and me for lunch too.   Saba's mum had put up one helluva spread and it was truly delicious.  Had a late lunch and then whiled away the time drinking tea and catching up.  Finally had to tear myself away and the 3 of them were delighted coz they were waiting to get down to some serious catching up! 

Got to meet Sharmila's daughter Ishani (11) who looks just like her and  both of Saba's kids -  Samir and Rhea.  Cant say that they look like Saba.  But Samir is tall and 22 and Rhea who is 6 going on 7 says that everyone thinks that he is a "flim" star!   If I had woken up a bit earlier I would've taken a few more photos but i'm hoping that the mum's will email me the picts so that i can put them up.