Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ujwala in Art College


For those of you who dont know.  I quit working about 5 years ago.  For the last year or so, mostly when we were stuck in a hotel, I started painting.  Since this fad lasted longer than the earlier ones, I took it further by joining Delhi College of Art, in August, this year, as a non-collegiate student.  I'm loving ever minute of it - well almost every minute :P

Picture taken this morning by one of the teachers.  We've had the principal teaching us drawing for the last 3 weeks.  You can see me in the background with a red muffler.  I'm making sure I get a view of what's going on.  Dont have the heart to push my way in so i'm famous for standing on benches, chairs, desks whatever i can get my feet on.