Friday, January 13, 2006

Update from Meera D

I met up with Meera in Alexandria and we were together for the first year that I was there and then they moved to Toronto.   Hats off to Meera she put up with me, in fact very well, helping me settle in quickly and allowing me to adopt her friends.   My stay in Alex was painless because of her.

She's sent me links to 2 photoalbums - I tried copying the photographs with not much luck so i've put the links below
Flying Visit
5th & 25th December (btw Dec 5th - Meera D's b'day)
(meera if you see this send me the pictures as i'd like to upload them to the photo site. tks)

Got a note from her a couple of days ago and i've put part of it below.  The rest were nice things re the blog and I dont want you guys to think I have a swollen head already :P.

"Just wanted to say that if there is anybody you know who is here in Canada I would love to be able to contact them . . . I know of no one so far. As for me, am going back to school for about 6 months starting tomorrow. . . am really looking forward to it. Getting my Montessori diploma accredited so that I can start teaching again. Kids are getting older and more independent. Vidhur is 13 and Varsha will be 11 in April. Need to do something for myself now !!! "