Friday, January 20, 2006

Vinita Chand

Got Vinita's no. from one of my younger sisters friend. It was great talking to her and catching up. She claims that she is no longer the shy girl that she used to be in school and of course I believed her till I saw the pictures that she had sent - they've all been digitally altered so you cannot see her too clearly. I guess she still is a bit shy :D

Vinita went to Wellhams from LMC and from there to Delhi College of Art. She then went to the Parson School of Design and i think stayed on for a few years. She now works with a design firm in Delhi.

The girl with a big grin in the background is Anjila Puri and she still looks the same.

Clicking on either the Headline of this post or the photograph itself will take you to the photo site which has a few more photographs from Vinita.

Update: Vinita runs her own design firm.


Rahat said...

Hi Vinita - nice to see you on-line - Rahat