Saturday, April 1, 2006

Hi Everyone...From Rohini

This is so much fun. Ujwala, thanks a ton for doing this.
I am in Chennai for a short while and then head back to the US.
I live in San Jose, California and am practising medicine there.
I have 2 children, a wonderful husband and a great big labrador.
I saw all the photos and is wonderful to see everyone again. I have 2 old photos- one from Mrs Jacobs' 3 grade and one from Mrs D'souza'a 5th grade. I will scan and post them when I get back.
I talked to Samiya (after centuries)- she is in Columbia University in NY.
It was good to see LMC- with brand new paint and all! They have not changed the PT uniform (in 25 years)!
Guys, keep the posts coming... Rohini .


Ujwala said...

hey! that's the fasted turnaround time i've got. thank you so much. and happy to have some company. and on the post - how come no adjectives for the children?? :P just pulling your leg.

Rohini said...

Man, you have not lost your touch!
Kids are the bestest ever... seriously!
I use the computer a lot and right now have a ton of time on my hands and this is great fun.