Monday, May 8, 2006

My friend the budding Poetess

Dipa's delightful little rhyme was hidden away in the comments of another post. If you want to see more of what she had to say, click here

My clearest memories of days of school
Include only those where FUN would rule.
Mrs.Mathews chemistry Class
Oh how much we would her harass
While she climbed one we would run down the other flight of stairs
Throw our books in ryhthm and turn around our chairs.
We would bribe Sulaiman to ring the bell early
Never Abdul for he was too surly.
Steal aloo bombs and eat 30 paise hot chips and orange bar
Wait outside on the road to see the dudes directing our car
Once we went to see a movie in a hall
We all got into such a squall
Piya sprayed the hall with birds of paradise scent
And UP and I under our chairs went.
Samiya would always be with a book
Roopa would dream of a new brawn to cook.
Abha would eat and yet remain skinny
Ham sandwisches were a speciality of Vini.
Dosas and idlis were Rohini's treat
Geetanjali would rule the roost on Park Street.
Arti would sit an continuously giggle
While UP from a new escapade try and wriggle.
Chidiya , Sreela, Madhumita, Sangeetas five
Around the class they would jive
I remember teaching them to hum loudly like a bee
So that Mrs. Malhotra would give us time off from Hindi.
And UP shouted "Horatious" one elocution day
"Coffee with the meal" I said and fainted away.
Fan dance, pet shows , carnivals and more
We really had a good time : guess that was in store
Shucks the more i think of things the more I smile
for the sequel of this poem you may have to wait a while



arti manaktala said...

ok gang...I think Dee just wrote the class of '82 anthem.This can be the song for LMOG-'82.whadyathink??
Dee....excellent!! kudos to you.

Ujwala said...

arti - we're the batch of '83 :D

DIPALI said...

artu : why are you making us older >>>
Anthem..., me some more poetic inspiration...lemme think......