Sunday, May 21, 2006

What was your favorite poem?

Remember all the poems we learned? Some good, some great and some downright boring.My very first poem was 'Someone came knocking' by Walter de la Mare.
I loved 'Lochinvar' ( Sango, remember?). Also remember 'Lord Ullin's daughter" which was really depressing! I also remember the one about Queen Gulnar (? name of the poem?). Enjoyed the 'Ballad of East and West'.
I had a really hard time with Julius Caesar in 9th and 10th- when there were so may other ones that they could have picked. Which ones did you gals like?



Ujwala said...

i cant say that i ever had a favorite poem. I dreaded them as I could never remember the lines however much I tried. The names that I can remember are "The Ancient Mariner", "Horatius - and what I remember is the curtain caving in and dipa at my feet in a faint and then being pushed on stage by ms anand! what a fright! looking at a 1000 children looking back at you! And I cant remember the first poem that i was asked to recite for elocution - something about bees and i remember that I ran away for that one too :P Quite a darpok! :D

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!Does anyone else have any anecdotes? Rohini