Sunday, May 21, 2006


I had a lovely holiday with my a parents in Kolkata. It was a bit hectic but we still managed to squeeze in quite a few things - My Fair Lady - Musical put up by Calcutta Club, several new restaurants - The food at Tajas which we stumbled upon as Banana Leaf wouldnt allow reservations was very good. Food in Tolly is vastly improved from our school days. But sadly a trip to school wasnt one of them. :(

I hope to convince those living in Kolkata to post new pictures of school and the teachers with their comments. Abha, if you're reading this please take a picture of Subhag Aunty for the blog and get her comments too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Uj
Tolly looks lovely. Do you have any photos of the pool?

Ujwala said...

spent most of the time inside the Belvedere Room eating! It was very very hot and humid and neither my folks nor our guests were in any mood to linger outside. So just these 3 picts of tolly.

archana said...

Hi Ujwala This is Archana Goenka Its been great going thru "our" site.I wish we could have met as I was doing the stage managemant in "My Fair Lady" organised by Calcutta Club.

Ujwala said...

archana - great to see you here. could you send me an email to ? it's not an id that i use frequently but i shall check it over the next few days. will send you an update as soon as i hear from you. really unfortunate that we missed each other. shall look you up when next i'm in town.