Tuesday, September 26, 2006

At the Baseball Game

At the baseball game, the Oakland Athletics beat the reigning champions, the Chicago White Sox. It was a great afternoon to be at the ballpark with the family. It reminds of the times I went with my father to watch a cricket match in Chepauk and Eden Gardens. I still remmeber, Eden gardenswith great fondness. One of the most awesome sights was when you came up the stairs and the whole stadium opened out in front of you! These are times when man made structures inspire great admiration.


Ujwala said...

sounds wonderful! I dont follow baseball but the excitement of being in a stadium and getting carried away with the enthusiasm of the crowds I can :D

arti manaktala said...

Not to forget the famous Mohan Bagan stadium of Calcutta - even visited by Pele..cant remember which year though!!

Rahat said...

I remember going to a baseball game with some friends in the States although I don't think i went to as big a match as yours. Good day out with family or friends - Rahat