Friday, September 15, 2006

Choopa Rustom

How many more of these out there?

During my recent visit to Bangalore, I met up with Sangita Ohri now Jain. It was a pleasure catching up with my first friend at LMC, all the way back in '76. We happily managed to meet up on 3 occasions during those 10 days - a pub, a chinese restaurant and chaat at her place. She did not let me dig up any more details about her years since school than those that I had already gleaned from a common friend, Kshitija.

Sangita is a gold medalist from NIFT, the first batch. Before that she got into NID and left to join NIFT . Sangita then spent some time becoming famous in the world of fashion, got married, had two kids and like a lot of other people I know, gave up her job to bring up the kids. Recently, with a bit more time in hand, she has started painting again and the few that I got to see are truly lovely.

Leave me a comment if you want to know what she looks like now :D


Anonymous said...

It is a gorgeous work of art. Sangita and I had a little chat on this chat box which was great fun. I remember her smily face. I think I will always remember her as the 11-12 year old.
Uj, where be the fotos?Ro

Rahat said...

A lovely painting Sangita, and hope to see more! - Rahat

Anonymous said...

great work sang listen call me i think i have misplaced ur fon no. how was diwali , n how r the boys...keep in touch