Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daily Horoscopes and such like

Ok, before you go any further let me confess that most of you will find this to be a silly one! It's after 1 in the morning and I tend to do silly things if I'm awake at around this time. Proceed at your own risk. :D

I have been a daily horoscope reader for years :D Didn't really believe it (honest! :D). I guess because most of it didn't apply to me. I haven't been so good about reading them recently given the bad internet access, travelling etc. . But lately, I've noticed that the one that I subscribe to online is pretty accurate.

Background thoda toh dena padega. I have been complaining to (all who within reach mostly ramesh :P) about feeling rushed all the time. I even refused a trip to Delhi this week because I just wanted to be in one place and not travel for a while.

My horoscope says "No wonder everything is such a blur -- you've been moving so quickly. It's time to chew your food, rather than gulping it whole. Be calm and focused and perform actions mindfully, and you won't feel at the mercy of the fate"

Maybe I'm am now, after years of reading them, able to imagine :P, extrapolate, extend anything that is written and make it applicable or maybe this method of forecasting works for me. Whenever I come across them I enjoy reading them. Mostly I find them efficiently filed as "Junk" Mail by gmail.

If you feel like checking it out. Choose the daily horoscope option on this page. Unsubscribe after a couple of days of checking it out and dont forget to give me feedback!


Anonymous said...

thank you for waking up the blog again. I used to read horoscpoes at one time and then realised that I was literally waiting for things to happen instead ofgoing ahead with my life. Once I realized that, I have not really looked at my hor'ror'scope. Rohini

Ujwala said...

I have had a fascination for stories about reading the lines in your hand, birth charts , ouija boards etc.. Inspite of that, I havent got my palm read or visited a Nadi for the same as yours. I find that since the daily horscopes have not been tailor made for me I can still enjoy them without worrying too much about the contents. A bit silly I know.