Sunday, December 17, 2006

Paint a Mural

During my recent visit to Bangalore, Tea at Sangita Ohri's was very exciting as along with the fabulous chaat I got to see her art. One of these was a beautiful Trompe L'Oiel she'd painted into a niche in her dining room. I looked it up :P they are murals that create an illusion of a three dimensional space and I think translated it means Fool the Eye. If you ask I'm sure she'll put up a photograph :D When I saw this article over a month ago, on my current favourite site, Lifehacker, I immediately thought of her. I dont think she needs this article she's already an expert but it's for all those of you who might want to be adventurous.

About 10 days ago Sangeeta Bukshi wrote me about her daughter painting a wall in her room and how a while later she was sorely tempted and followed suit. I got all excited about it and remembered this post that I'd saved up as a draft :D I need to get my head fixed, I keep forgeting things! Putting it on record so that I'm forgiven for all the things that I might forget henceforth :D

Both Sangita and Sangeeta do share photographs. I for one am mighty interested. I sounded out Ramesh who said that it would be my responsibility to get it cleared by the landlady :D I'm already thinking of painting the wall in the balcony. People on the lake will get to see and enjoy it and me of course :D Now I have to come up with the idea :D I like being a copy cat :D Maybe I'll do cats :D

Anybody want to join me? Remember, we now have 3 experts to consult :D


Anonymous said...

Painting a mural has been one of my "should do" things in life. I want to paint Arjun's room into a sports stadium but will porbably not have time to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. One day though...Ro

Ujwala said...


I saw one last night. It has been made on the ceiling. A special table was made for her to paint from. It looks fantastic. She's used acrylic and pastels.

Somewhere, something holds me back. I actually cant imagine painting on a wall. I guess it's been deeply ingrained, no soiling the walls :D

Anonymous said...

Painting on the wall/painting the wall is easy enough. Ashok and I painted our entire downstairs by ourselves in one weekend. It takes a lot of committment and time. Painting a mural can be done but where do you first practice?Ro

ujwala said...

wow that sounds very exciting. must've been a lot of hard work though.

the trying out bit is easy. i do it on canvases. just cover it up and start again :D but the better thing would be to have a design / drawing / painting on paper and then you wont be wasting too much time or paint and transferring it onto the wall only after you've decided.

missed you by just 15 mins :(

sangeeta mehra said...

my room is grey now!!! so much for white wall upbringing! painted two walls pretty much plain grey and two have a brush design! not a mural by any strech of imagination...but inspired by ayesha's turqoiuse leaf printed walls!

Ujwala said...

sorry! i misunderstood. have made a chota correction on the post. but you cant deny that you're a wall painting expert now :D and this is what happens when you dont send me photographs. and now you understand why i normally send posts for approval?