Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Godfather of Soul - James Brown

James Brown, a great musician, known as the Godfather of Soul, passed away yesterday at the age of 73. Ramesh introduced me to his songs soon after we met and I thought that I'd put one up here as a remembrance.


Esther said...

Hey Ujwala... This is a favorite song of mine. 'I feel good' . Its my son Philip's favorite too. He loved the movie ' The Blues Brothers ' and he loves blues ( new orleans and chicago both ). I have a dear buddy who insists he wants this song played at his funeral... I think JB would have wanted it too. Me? I favour the song 'way over yonder' by Carole King as my funeral song. A girl friend of mine says she wants ' ding dong the witch is dead' ( from the wiz of oz) played at HER funeral and an uncle of mine favours louis armstrong's version of 'what a wonderful world'.

Ujwala said...

i'd first got a clip of i feel good (my fave) and it did not seem decent to put it up. this one starts with papa has a brand new bag and then moves into the i feel good - not very different :( and all the refs that i found online were to this one song and i convinced myself that he wouldnt mind!

Ujwala said...

i forgot that the reason i started the comment was to tell you that i certainly did not want you thinking of a song for your own funeral. btw for the longest while carole kings one album was at the top of my list. and now you got me thinking - i have to select from my many faves one that i'd like played as a remembrance.