Tuesday, April 4, 2006

LMOG - La Martiniere Old Girls '83, Kolkata

LMOG - La Martiniere Old Girls '83, Kolkata
We need more juice here. I know its the middle of the week and everyone is extra busy but....
Chennai is very hot right now. Not able to run the 20 miles that I usually do- (yeah right- Ok who believed that?)
Have you folks seen any good movies recently- regular /independent/ TV etc?
I am glad to see so many Indian authors on the horizon as well as fabulous art locally. Also have been able to catch up on cricket. It is good to see ODIs live instead of taping them watching them in fast forward!
Don't want to sound too domesticated but can each of you post your favorite recipes here?
Keep on blogging..


arti manaktala said...

Hi Rohini,
I am happy to share some recipes with you - are you still a veg? do you want veg or non-veg??
lemme know - arti

Anonymous said...

Still Veg
Planning to visit Toronto sometime- will definitely look you up. R