Saturday, April 8, 2006

For Indira Velukutty

From her sister Archana:
For Indira...
This is a post different from the previous ones since it is being sent on behalf of a member of the LMOG 1983 batch.
It 's in memory of my sister Indira (Indu) Velukutty who passed away on April 29th, 2005 after a long battle with breast cancer. She and her husband Rajeev Menon moved to the US in 1987. She lived in Fremont, California & raised three beautiful children; Viraj (15) Vishak (10) and Kamini (6). Indu's courage and determination in the face of all odds is an inspiration to the many lives she touched during her short lifetime.
My sincere thanks to Ujwala & the rest of you who have connected so many people through this blog... for me it's a link to Indu's childhood & many fond memories.

Archana Velukutty (LMOG - 1987)
Berkeley Heights -NJ


Ujwala said...

dear archana,

when rohini first told us about it, i was stunned. it was totally unexpected and somehow even now i cant believe that she's not around there somewhere. rohini also mentioned that indira was a fighter until the end.

for me she is a part of my school memories and it will always be that way. i still remember the wicked glint in her eye before she got up to some mischief. as you will recall our batch was quite notorious for that.

i wish i had had the opportunity to have known her after school too. I'm truly sorry about Indira and wish it could have been different.

please stay in touch.

love, ujwala

Archana Velukutty said...

Dear Ujwala - thanks for your mail. Indu always had a special place for her 'batchmates' from LMC. You all were a fun lot.
Like I said reading the posts somehow makes me feel close to Indu - in some strange way.
Hope to meet you someday & share some wonderful memories.
Cheers - Archana

DIPALI said...

Dear Archana,

Indira and myself studied right throug school , every single class, together. I remember you too. I was very pained to hear baout her and I can imagine the pain you are going through even today. M prayers are with you and her children who need you to be strong not only for them but for the memory of a loving sister. I remember you had a baby sister too....
My prayers are with Indira and I know she is looking at you to give her family strnegth , first getting stronger yourself.

Take care .


Geetanjali said...

Words are indeed hard to find at times like this. Archana thank you for posting what must have been a very hard message to write. Shock, sadness and disbelief are followed by a flood of memories. As school memories rush through ones head, it is hard to believe that Indira is not among us any more. And I, like many others , pause to remember her fondly. I hope the memories and thoughts of her friends can extend a little strength to you and the rest of her family. I remember Indira well and what stands out in my recollections is her quiet dignity. My thoughts are with her kids, you and the rest of the family.
Geetanjali (Soni)

Rahat said...

Dear Archana
I knew Indira all the school years, and find it hard to believe that she is no longer with us. I remember her smiling face and quiet dignity. My thoughts are with her family and especially her children. Love, Rahat

Anonymous said...

Dear Archana, Ijust got to know abt my friend Indira and am stunned. I have been thinking abt her since and all the times we shared together -Sangita,Kavita,myself. I prey to God that he gives strength to her family.

Love Archana Goenka

sangita poddar(murarka) said...

dear archana,

Shock,disbelief,i have simply no other words to say what i am feeling .

as you must be aware that vinita indira and i were very close friends in school ,though we lost contact with each other after her marriage ,she has alays been and will always remain a special friend.

my prayers for her family indira whereever you are i just want to tell you i will miss you always.


Anonymous said...

dear sangita
news of indira's death came as an absolute shock. a friend so dear to me i'll always cherish the memories we shared. i was clueless abt her illness. anyway i sincerely hope god gives her family all the strength to bear the loss. hope to touch base with archana or kalpana sometime.
vinita kanoria (parakh)

vinita kanoria (parakh) said...

dear sangita
cant believe indira's no more with us. one of my closest friends in school-why did she have to go away? may her soul find eternal peace and her family the strength to bear the loss.
hope to touch base with archana or kalpana sometime