Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To all my Compadres....

Hello Everyone,
Hope all is going well in your lives. We have not heard from too many of you recently. We are soon going to have big gap here 'cos Ujawala will not have internet access for a while at home. How about we all step up to the plate and a make a post or two? Otherwise you will have to hear the boring details of my life on a daily basis!
Easy steps.....
1. Accept the invitation that Ujwala sent you.(if you have not already)
2. Go to the log in page- the little button at the left hand top corner which says blogger. Click on it.
3. Type in your name and password to log in.
4. Press the green '+' sign
5. Type whatever you want in the box that appears. Type a title in the title box.
6. Press Publish Post
Viola! it then it gets posted!


Ujwala said...

ro - only members can post to the blog and the post get published immediately. they are not sent to me first. no censorship or delays :D currently all the members are listed in the contributors section.

but the first time you put in comment as a non-member it comes to me for approval. as always for a member it is immediate but in the case of comments anyone can put one up - hence this differentiation.

Ujwala said...

nother thing - that is the system that blogger follows and not one of my choosing - the first time comment approval.

Ujwala said...

and thank you thank you thank you :D i'm off in a few mins for my coffee morning!

Rohini said...

I realised that after Iposted it- will fix it.

Ujwala said...

ro you dont have to do anything. i just wanted to clarify. this is just an fyi. btw i've turned off comment moderation and the word verification. so just like the posts now it'll be a one step process. and it think everyone will like it better. including me :P