Thursday, April 13, 2006

More photos...

This is Class 5 - 1975 . Class Teacher was Miss D'Souza. This was a while ago. Brings back so many memories.

This is Mrs Jacobs' Class 3 at LMC- 1973. How amazing is this! My son is in 3rd grade now and wow does time fly!


DIPALI said...

Hey Rohini

The snaps are cool.... am so glad we have treasured these and are able to share them with each other now.... honestly all these years I ve been showing them to the kids and husband constantly and they are like " and this is what you did then " "Oh No ..there she starts about her school again "!!! I guess no one will understand except us what it was like to be a part of this fraternity !


Rohini said...

Totally true. We are a nostalgic bunch! We had such a good time back then. Its good to have each other to talk to!

Selvi said...

I left school at the end of 1973, and I am in this photo. Do any of you remember me? My name at the time was Selvi Baktarmitran.

Selvi said...

I was in your batch and studied with you guys for four years, leaving after completing Standard 3 at the end of 1973. I am in the photo, sitting on the teacher's left. I used to be known as Selvi Baktarmitran. Do any of you remember me?
Eagerly awaiting your reply.